Keynote Speakers

Cliodhna Quigley

Cliodhna Quigley is a cognitive scientist with a focus on data analysis and computational solutions for the study of animal behaviour. Since joining the Fusani lab in Vienna in 2016, she has been involved in developing new approaches for the group to study courtship in birds using videos recorded in laboratory settings and during fieldwork. As well as tracking movements and quantifying behavioural patterns of courting males and choosing females, she also implemented a laboratory system allowing synchronized playback of high-speed video and audio to bird audiences. Her current research interests include the feasability of applying AI models trained on human movement data to data from animals.

For additional information please visit her website at the University of Vienna.

Robin Sandfort

Robin Sandfort is a wildlife biologist who integrates open sensor systems and open source software for sustainable wildlife management and biodiversity monitoring. He now works with his companies capreolus and micromacro as a conservation technologist bridging the gap between classical biodiversity monitoring and the emerging use of AI in remote sensing, bioacoustics and monitoring of invasive alien species.

For additional information please visit his website

Stefano Mintchev

Stefano Mintchev is Assistant Professor of Environmental Robotics at ETH Zurich. He completed his Ph.D. in biorobotics from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy in 2014. During his postdoctoral activity at EPFL he contributed to the field of flying robotics by proposing novel design and manufacturing principles for morpho-functional drones that are inspired by natural flyers. In 2018, Stefano co-founded Foldaway Haptics, where he acted as CTO until April 2020, before joining ETH Zurich with a SNSF Professorial Fellowship. Today, his research focuses on advancing the science and technology of robotics to address the pressing and interconnected challenges of sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity decline.

For further information please visit the Environmental-Robotics-Lab website at ETH Zurich.

Further speakers to be announced soon!

Provisional Workshop Schedule

Start End Title
Thursday 05.09.202408:0009:00Registration and Arrival
09:0018:00Conference Day #1
18:00Open EndSocial Event @ ARS Electronica Festival + Dinner
Friday 06.09.202409:0012:30Conference Day #2
Preliminary Workshop Schedule (all times are in CEST). We are currently in the process of finalizing our program. Our plan is to maintain a format similar to previous editions, with a combination of expert talks and paper presentations. We aim to include around 3-4 expert talks and demos, and the remainder of the 1 ½ days will be dedicated to paper presentations. Each paper's presentation will likely last about 10-15 minutes, allowing for an in-depth look into the presented research. The final schedule will depend on the number of submissions we receive.

Further Information

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